Thursday, April 16, 2009

News n' stuff

Reminder: This blog was created to keep our Fresno, Arizona, and Kentucky (and those that live in places other than Rialto) family informed on the ins and outs of our life.That's why this post is kinda necessary.

A couple of days ago (as some may know) Caleb and I had quite a scare concerning the baby. I called Caleb, he came home from work and took me to the hospital. Of course we called our parents and some people from the church to help us pray. We were stuck in the E.R. for about six hours. A lot of it was wait and see kind of stuff. They would run a test and then we would have to wait for the results. All the while Caleb and I were very worried. Finally the dr. brought in a portable ultrasound machine and we got to see our little baby, hyper as can be and kicking all over the place. I don't think I could ever explain the amount of relief we felt at that moment. After all was said and done, I was released and told to take it easy until I can get into see my regular Doctor. The important part of this post is: The baby is fine and so is the Mother. Thank you all for your prayers, it felt so good to know we have a support group to lean on when we need it.

Now that that has been said, let me tell you that my child likes to play hide and seek. I had a regular appointment on Monday and the Dr. tried to determine the gender but of course my stubborn child would not cooperate. Then, when we had to go to the hospital, I asked the ultrasound tech to try and find out. She tried, but couldn't tell. I honestly don't care what we have, but if we have a girl, she already has seven pairs of shoes and at least ten dresses. As for the boy, he only has two packs of oneies. LOL, my family is hoping for a girl.I also have a picture from my ultrasound of the baby's face (at least that is what the Dr. told us it is) I will have to scan it soon. Right now it is in my wallet and my wallet is in my car and it is cold outside so I am not going to go and get it.



Not all of the family is hoping for a girl. You could post the pic of the baby that I sent you.

Grammi/Grammy/? said...

Wonder who the hyper kid takes after? Mom or grandpappa? If it is shyness that hides the gender, who on earth did that come from?

So thankful all is well. God did promise a child, so all will be well.

Keri Garrett said...

HAHA! I was thinking the same think - WHERE does this kid get the shyness gene?!?!

Well, normally I'd say that this family needs more girls (MY branch of it in particular) but since y'all do have girls already, maybe a boy would be nice...

I'm really glad you and the baby are both OK!

ALSO! Rave just spent today in the ER too, because of the baby. She hadn't felt him move for a few days and the Dr. sent her to the ER. Everything was ok but it IS scary. We'll say an extra prayer for you and The Hyper One!