Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because I have to

Has anyone else noticed how quickly pregnancy can go by? It seems like a few weeks ago we just found out we were having a baby. So crazy. Although, because I found out when I was only three weeks along, I feel like I like I am farther along then I am. (Did I just contradict myself?)
Anyway, home loans. Hopefully by the end of this day Caleb and I will know what we qualify for. I am really nervous because our last few attempts at entering into the world of home buying have not turned out so well. I really hope God will help us push through to a loan this time. Having a child really puts the pressure on. I would love to own a house before this little guy comes along, mainly so I can paint the walls! (kinda kidding, but not really) But really, renting can be the pits when you are not allowed to customize.
I'm playing around with the idea of a safari room. Only because someone gave me a bedding set last week and I think if I really went out of control with the whole idea it could be really cute.


SheGazelle said...

Yeah, I did notice that it seems to fly by. Until now. Now each day seems to have much more than 24 hours in it and drags by. Maybe that's because women who are 38.5 weeks pregnant should be home instead of working!

Good luck with the nursery, and Gazelle Wishes that it doesn't break your bank!

Anonymous said...

haha. Thank you gazelle. I am trying my best to save where I can.