Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kinda long, But I hope you can see it.



Nancy said...

That is so awesome! Hope to see you all soon!

Grammy to be said...

Many friends have not left you a message but have told me how touching this is. I have watched it again and again... ahhhh!

Thanks for sharing with my friends!

great-nana said...

Hello little Wyatt-- you look so precious, can't wait to hug you!
Mommy is doing a great job, & Daddy is so proud of his little guy. Go back to sleep, little one, we love you!

Gayla said...

This is so awesome. He looks just like Caleb! LOL (Just kidding) In the last few pics it looked like he was playing hide and seek, and he was the one counting to 100. So cute! Thanks for sharing.