Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow is this going to be a busy week. I thought three day weekends are supposed to be relaxing. Today Caleb and I are going to finish cleaning out the garage. Caleb has made a lot of progress on his own in there, but I think it's time for the supervisor to help out. Sunday is church, which speaks for it's self. Monday we have a Memorial Day picnic at the park for out care group. Now, there are two other couples that help with this group and the picnic should be a fun and relaxing time, but leave it to me to insist that I decorate our picnic area. Nothing fancy, I just want to make it look festive and fun. So I am going to show up at the park at like 8 in the morning.
I have 12 orders for flowers that have to be delivered to the school office on Thursday morning. So that is going to take up the rest of my week. After Thursday morning, we are going to the banquet Thursday night, Graduation Friday Night, and several parties Saturday. Whew, I am tired just thinking about all this stuff.
I think there are two grad parties today also. I can't remember.

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