Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It has finally happened. I cant control my need for ice cream. I am going to be a blimp by next week. I went for a walk today so that I could burn enough calories to justify some rainbow sorbet. lol, I think I am going to have to go to the store to get some sugar free pops asap.
In other news, we are going to have wait at least five weeks to find out how our house loan stuff is going. As usually we ran into a BIG brick wall, but there are legitimate ways around it. So once again we are playing the wait and see game for the next month.
In other, other news, the baby is kicking up a storm! It is an uncomfortable but nice reminder that our baby is growing and getting stronger.
School is out next Thursday and I will be jobless until further notice. (So, if you ever want to hang with a hungry prego give me a call!) Well I will have a job, just not one that pays on a regular basis.
Oh, This is new as of five minutes ago. I am thinking of switching docs for my delivery. My reason is our hospital is really far, and we are getting worried about being stuck in rush hour traffic when I begin to go into labor. Also, I know that in the last four weeks I am supposed to go to the dr. every week and it just seems like that is a really long drive to make just to see the dr. for five minutes. Let alone a drive I will be making by myself because I am sure Caleb will not be able to make all of those appointments. I dont know, it is just a thought I have been kicking around.

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