Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Opinions are like arm pits...

everyone has 'em, but some stink more than others.

1. Caleb commenting on a shirt I own that has a large butterfly on the side: "Wow, you get any bigger and that butterfly is going to turn into a dragon"
2. Camping, Caleb wanting me to get off of the air mattress: "Roll over" - "I can't" - "come on, you are built to roll"
3. Dr. Ojeda measuring the baby: "Whoa, this baby's getting BIG! Don't get too big baby, seven pounds will do"
4. The nurse at the Dr.s office: "Ok you weigh ____." (like I am going to tell you!)
5. Although I did tell my mom and she said "whoa! really, well you don't look like it." LOL, gotta love the moms


Lozano Family said...

You look beautiful! I know how it feels to be as big as a school bus, but from the outside it's cute :) Caleb, what a sweet guy! The last trimester is tough. You're almost through, and soon your little bun will be all done and you'll actually be able to hold him in your arms, and put him down, though you probably won't want to!

Katie Booker said...

I think here is where I should tell Caleb just how unsmart those comments were, right??? =)
You are a beautiful mommy!!!
After you have the baby and lose all your weight...Caleb will gain it all =)

Anonymous said...

LOL, it's funny you said that, cause I did bring that conversation up. In fact, I told him that Phillip should have been around to point that out.