Monday, June 29, 2009


Too Much Information
Ok so last night was an evening of firsts. The first first: I had my first episode of Braxton Hicks contractions, and boy did it hurt! My goodness I couldn't even praise sing last night cause I was just cramping and cramping. LOL I don't think I have ever felt so pregnant. I know I was walking like a weary prego (despite my best attempts at acting normal) because several people (even teens) were asking if I was ok. But I got through it. The only problem is I know that was just a taste of the real thing, and I really don't want to think about labor or delivery, ever. On the plus side I was talking to another woman in our church about it and she said she started feeling contractions at five months; so I shall continue to count myself very lucky and thank God for such an easy pregnancy.
Now, the second first. Ready? Ok. I totally lost my skirt as I was walking to my car last night. I know this is T.M.I., but I love a good laugh and if anything this is funny to me. All night my skirt kept slipping down farther than I would like. I was constantly pulling it back up. In fact, earlier that evening I told one of the girls that I just might lose my skirt. Well I must be a prophet, because I lost it. And when I say lost it, I mean LOST it. To the ground, with 3 1/2 inch heels on. It took myself, Caleb and another lady to pull the thing up. LOL, thankfully I had a pretty thick slip on underneath. The good and bad part is I think R.L. and T.L. were the only ones that actually saw me, ahhh, exposed? Unfortunately, they also thought it was the funniest thing ever and spread the word to quite a few people. Lets just say my niece, who was not even at church she was at the beach, called me an hour later to laugh at me. Anyway, yeah it was quite embarrassing. I am not even sure why I am posting this, really so tacky tacky tacky.
I think I am trying to work through the emotional trauma.
Anyway in other news: I am going to Dr. again today. I am officially on the "every two weeks" schedule. I think I have to do that glucose test today. Not looking forward to that.

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