Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok so here is an update post. These are Caleb's favorites.
1. There are no pics on my blog because I lost the charger to our new camera and I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE. I think my Mom may have a pic of Caleb and I so I am going to try to find it.
2. Shower date: AUG 8th 2009 @ My sister in law KIM's house @ about 6ish we're thinkin'.
3. Whoot is the devil. Just thought I would throw that in seeing as I was just thinking about how much he ruined our nice backyard.
4. I am NOT changing hospitals after all. Before my Dr. appt this afternoon I was convinced I needed to change hospitals for the sake and comfort of my family. (The family that's here now, not the baby) Well I talked to my Doc and I told him the situation and honestly he wasn't too happy about it. He didn't talk me out of it, but he did say that it would be best for me to start being cared for my the Doc that would deliver rather than just show up at his hospital. So because I really don't want to change Doctors I am going to stay with my hospital no matter how small the post delivery room is.
5. We have a crib! (And I don't mean the slang for a nice house) Caleb and I finally put our crib together this afternoon. The miracle of it all is that we did not even get in a fight over it.
6. Today I was serving myself some rainbow sorbet and I was all done so of course I just popped the spoon in my mouth. Well the spoon was so cold that it stuck to my bottom lip and like a dummy I just pulled it off. So now I have little cuts along my lip. (Just thought I would let you know)
This is the best prego pic I have. Not very informative, but trust me my tum is getting very large. It's a hand magnet.

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