Thursday, July 2, 2009

I haven't a clue

I found some lists of baby necessities online. I combined a couple of lists and wrote down that stuff that I don't have, or that I don't have specifically for the baby. What do you think? is it too much or not enough? Seems like a whole lot of stuff. I have a lot of the big things already so I didn't write them down.

(as always, click on the pic to enlarge it)
oh I forgot to add humidifier to the list. AND what about a moses basket? I think I want one, but I am not too sure yet.


SheGazelle said...

Diapers and wipes- that's what I had, and everything else fell into place after (family and friends always come thru!) Instead of buying everything those "essentials" lists say, I would sock away cash and see what you find necessary after baby comes home. We had fun going to Target 5 times that first week!

SheGazelle said...

oh huge DUH- CAR SEAT. We did have to have that in advance. Strange it's not on that list.

Anonymous said...

There were other things on the list, but we already have some stuff so it is not posted..i.e. car seat stroller n such. But the cash thing is a great idea. Thanks.