Friday, July 17, 2009

New Kids on the Block 2

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever complain to your Dad about what your new neighbors are doing. Why? because he will do something about it.

S0000.... I made the mistake of complaining to my dad about the neighbors blowing their trash onto our driveway. Now, I didn't go running to daddy, he was helping me bring my trash cans in while the neighbor was in the process of blowing stuff around. It was during this time that I voiced my complaint, to which my dad said " just leave them alone, I am sure he will sweep it after." Well, apparently after I went inside my house to cool off my dad had a little conversation with the new guy. From what I hear it all went well. My dad told the man 1)that I am his sweet wonderful precious little daughter and 2)that it's not cool to do stuff like that. Once the man figured out that he was surrounded by one crazy Mexican man and his (possibly crazy) daughter he made the right choice and cleaned up his trash. No harm no foul.
I guess when we officially do the "meet and greet", I'll just pretend like this all never happened.
I got to say, I love my dad. LOL, he really did talk to the guy in a very friendly manner. It's funny because I found all this out from my mom. she said my dad came into the house and told her I am just as bad if not worse than he is. And to that Caleb can say AMEN.

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