Monday, July 27, 2009

Reverse Tickle

I was told a lot of things when I got pregnant.
Oh your going to be huge in the summer, you poor thing....Just wait till your feet swell.... That morning sickness is bad..... Use lots of pillows and you might sleep... I can't wait to see you waddle... Yeah, your gonna be huge... my son always stuck his foot in my ribs.
Most of this stuff I listened to and assumed... OK, yes some of it will happen to me, but not all of it. Well, as of this morning I think everything I was ever told would happen, has happened. Except the weirdo cravings, that's Caleb's thing. The list was completed this morning when the one thing I thought would never happen, happened. Wyatt found my rib cage, and he loves it. I'm not sure if he is grabbing my ribs and pulling or kicking his way out, but this morning he was at it for at least 30 mins. I tried switching sides a couple of times but he would just spin around (grazing my ribs) and start on the opposite side. Caleb even tried to lay his head on my side in order to create pressure on both sides of my belly. Wyatt just rebelled and continue to kick Caleb in the face LOL...he is really strong. I am just hoping he doesn't brake a rib...that would be bad. (or so my mom tells me)

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