Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, so the Maternity Tea was kinda lame. The tea (dinner) itself wasn't bad, but the rules and regulations of our hospital are way overboard! Let me give you the run down.
  • All visitors must check in at the front desk and have a picture ID. A few of them will then receive a tag that allows guests admittance to the 2nd floor (L&D)
  • Pre-Labor: only 3 visitors at a time. In the mean time everyone else has to wait in the main lobby on the first floor.
  • During Labor: only 2 people will be allowed to stay for the whole labor, and one of those people has to be the coach (Caleb).
  • Post-Labor: Visiting hours will be in effect as soon as the mother is taken to her post labor recovery room. Hours are from 9am-9pm. That means not even Caleb will be allowed to stay if we have the baby at 2 in the morning.
  • Right after Labor the mother and father are given at least one hour of bonding time with the baby (that's cool for us). Then the baby is taken to the nursery, and the mother is allowed 1 1/2 hours to recover before visitors are allowed upstairs. So that's 2 1/2 hours after the baby is born, before we can show him off.
  • The good news (i guess) is that, if all is going well mothers are released within 24 hours or less. Also, the baby is kept in the mother's room during our entire stay. So if we have him during normal visiting hours he will always be around when people visit.

So we know that with as much family as Caleb and I both have this whole process is not going to go the way the thought it would. The good news is, if we have a normal delivery and are released in the first 24 hours, then we are just going to encourage most people to meet us at our home to see the baby. Basically it will be the baby's first birthday party.

I just thought of a plan! if I have the baby at 7 in the morning then by the time people are allowed to see him it will be a little after 9am. So then everyone will have the whole day to visit and by 7 the next day I will be going home. What a great plan!!


Jana McVay said...

Good luck with that plan!!! :-D

You do indeed have a big family (both of you) and will indeed be "partying" for the little guys first days!!!

HG said...

I have a great idea!!

Just give birth AT HOME. Then you can have 35 people in the birthing room, for as long as you want. No rules at all - it's your home, you can do whatever you please. You could even invite the entire neighborhood over!

Your mom could be in the kitchen, whipping up some incredible food to feed everybody - imagine the party THAT would be!

Surrounded by friends & family, you wouldn't even FEEL the pain, so no medical intervention needed. With all his family in the room, your babe would be so eager to come out and meet them, there would be no birth issues or problems.

Come on, you know this is the perfect solution.

You're Welcome.


Anonymous said...

LOL, HG your the best. Thanks.

The setter straight said...

Listen... Us dillon's are old fashioned. Caleb will be in the waiting room with us men, he'll be pacing back and forth waiting for the news. I don't know where you get this "coach" stuff anyways. You're the only one playing that game.. what does he need to "coach"? Like he's gonna put a sub in or something????

This is why women shouldn't steal "sports" words for their things. The word doesn't fit, so don't use it. Come up with a new word. That's like saying you're the quarterback... it's not quite right!

Muhammad Ali said...

You’re out of control! If he is not in there he does not get the wrist band that allows him to go into the nursery with the baby, and he will not be allowed to ask for the baby from the nursery if I am sleeping or whatever. So yeah, coach is a term that the hospital uses. I guess I could say, "punching bag". I am very sure by the end of it all, that's what he will have been at some point.