Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm thinking recession has hit the Sand Man, cause he has to be giving me some watered down stuff.
I have a new routine of sleeping every other day. Not sure why that is. I think I sleep on the off day because I am so tired from lack of sleep the day before. Last night was a night of no sleep, so here I sit in a zombie like state. I woke up at 2:30 and i'm not sure how long I was awake, but I know it was over an hour of wide eyed bushy tailed boredom. After that I do the "every two hour" thing. Like, I wake up every two hours.
Heartburn: I got it. LOL, I have never had heart burn in my life so I didn't even realize that I have been having small episodes for the last two weeks. It's not so bad. I only realized what it was last night because I woke up and my subconscious mind told me that my heart felt like it was burning. Then my brain put it all together and i kinda laughed at myself.
Doctors Notes: He walks in and says, "Let's see if this baby is still growing" I give Caleb a nervous glance. Thankfully the Dr. says Wyatt has slowed down on his apparent growth spurt and once again fits into the average size for a baby his age. What a relief. Although, he still has 9ish weeks to become a behemoth, I am hoping he will be kind to his mother and hold off until after he is born.
Caleb: is a mechanic!! This week alone he fixed the air conditioning on his car and he replace a power steering pulley on my car. Caleb has also begun working 12hour days for one of his job sites. He just started this week so I am still trying to find enough stuff to keep me occupied for the whole day (Yes, I have been cleaning the house). :) I tell him I am basically going to be a single mother during most of the work week. OHHHH but when the weekend comes.........

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