Monday, July 13, 2009

Sugar water

I made it through my glucose screening test. I have been so nervous about taking this test because I was sure it was going to make me really sick. I usually get sick if I have too much sugar or caffeine. I also will fall asleep if I have too much pasta, weird I know. Be all that as it may, I did the test, the drink was disgusting, I came home and slept for at least two - three hours. I will get the results on Monday when I go in for a Dr. appointment.

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Lozano Family said...

That drink stuff is totally disgusting! I had to do the second special test when I was pregnant with Aria - you have to stay 3 hours and get poked like four times. And you have to be fasting too. I thought I was going to throw up with that one! Made it through though. I sincerely hope that you do NOT have to do that one too!