Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do I really want this baby two weeks early?

It's getting closer and closer. I am freaking out and freaking out. Then I calm down and forget about it. Then I freak out. And the circle continues. How do you prepare to have your life changed in a way you can't even imagine? That's like saying, get ready for 37 web slinging monkeys to invade your home at any given time. What are you supposed to do? You have never experienced that before. Monkeys are one thing, but web slinging!? Should you board up the windows? clean now or just wait until they leave? but you don't know when they are coming, so do you live in filth until then? Go on with life as usual? What do they eat? can I feed them so they don't get vicious? how often should I feed? AHHH! so many questions to consider.
Thus having a child. How many diapers can you really buy in advance and not have the hassle of taking them back? Do I really need 25+ receiving blankets? Over 30 zero-three month sized outfits? It can't hurt right? What about the nursery? I am really a bad mom if it is not all decked out by the time he comes? I mean really the baby can't even see passed 15 inches from his face. He doesn't know the walls are bare. Or that I havn't bought that bear skin rug for his room yet (it is so cool I'll post a pic). I do know how often I need to feed him before he becomes vicious (LOL i'm kidding).
Don't even get me started on L&D. OHH my goodness! do I need a violet or blue pillow case? are either of those colors really going to calm me down? really, think about it, how is a color going to make all the pain go away. What if the smell I thought would be calming actually grosses me out and it's too late cause everything is covered in White Jasmine!! What about my overnight bag? Should I take slippers or socks? What color socks? is my soothing music really going to work to sooth me? Caleb is supposed to massage away the contractions, but what if I don't want anyone touching me then? Will I punch my husband repeatedly and then have to apologize for it when I am in my right mind. What if I am drugged and say things I don't remember? as long as they are funny I guess it's alright. But what if I start giving out personal information. Just telling random strangers my Social Security Number as I walk the halls. Relaying stories that are funny to only Caleb and I (yelling out: Say Eight! Say Eight) and then cry when no one laughs. OHHH man this could be a big mess.


HG said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Girlfriend - you need to calm down and relaaaaaax! Just enjoy the journey. Everything will work out just fine.

Lozano Family said...

Poor Sarrah. Don't worry so much though. Tons of women have had babies and lived through it! Me included - and if I can do it you can! As for not having the nursery done, if that makes you a bad mom then I am horrible.....I didn't even have a crib when I brought my latest little monster home. As for the drugs, I don't know. I do know someone who slapped their husband in the face while in labor though...... (I will say that he totally deserved it...) (And I will say that it was not me...)

Anonymous said...

lol. Thats really funny. Yeah, that's going to be me. I have already warned Caleb so whatever I do, he can't take offence. I may just do some stuff just because I can. You know like, pretend I am out of it just to see what everyone does. That would be funny.

The uncle who records said...

Have I told you that I borrowed a video camera? Yeah... Please do something off the wall like that. I'll make sure it gets on Youtube. hahah.. RIght next to the one of Caleb after the dentist

lol.. can't wait to see teh three of you

Anonymous said...

HAHa, If your not recording, Caleb has assured me he is going to get me back.