Friday, August 7, 2009

Five years to the day

Well folks, today is our 5th anniversary. Hooray! we made it. It has been quite an exciting year hasn't it? For the sake of the baby shower tomorrow (hint,hint) lets go over some of the highlights.
We found out about about Baby James Wyatt in January. I was only 3 weeks along, but thank God the test was right. My pregnancy has been rather uneventful. I have only had one real craving and that was the infamous Bean Dip. Caleb on the other hand, has craved all sorts of things. The strangest being Red Chili Peppers from kung pao chicken made at a specific restaurant. As for the nursery, we are still going with the camping/wilderness theme. I am just not real sure how I am want to go about it.
As for the rest of our lives, Whoot has continued to dig up my gardening efforts. Although Caleb continues to try to encourage me in my one and only hobby. Thus far in pregnancy I have gained a whopping 29 pounds. I am going to have some hard work ahead of me after September 24th. Yeah, 29, that's a very big number for someone as short as I am. lol 10 is a big number for someone as short as I am. Oh well, it is all totally worth it.

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