Sunday, August 30, 2009

Foward, March!

Ok, so I have since calmed down. And am back to being way too excited. We have a Dr. appointment tomorrow. You know, I wonder why we don't get ultrasounds anymore. We have not seen our little guy since like week 21 or so. I'm gonna ask about that. This weekend has been spent starting projects and then being too tired to finish them. (so I am making a bigger mess trying to organize an original mess) I am trying to get Caleb to understand how helpless I am, but it is not working(not helpless, it's more like my body is looking at my mind like, "you crazy if you think I am going to do all that today") . So maybe I will hire Valerie to come over and lend me a hand. I "burley" got the baby's curtains up last week. All that climbing on the ladder stuff is no bueno(It was a short one, don't get all crazy, besides someone has to do it)
So yeah, anyway. Last night was interesting. I hadn't felt the baby move when I went to bed so Caleb and I spent a good ten minutes trying to get the guy to wake up. It was like my 3d ultrasound all over again. This kid is a heavy sleeper and I hope it stays that way after he is born.
Lastly, Caleb is going to be the best Dad ever. I won't get all mushy, but believe me he has what it takes. I am so glad he took a chance on me and I took a chance on him (trust me it was a gamble on both ends). It is a neat feeling to really really know you made the right choice, and the person you married turned out to be better than you ever thought.

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