Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Car Wash

Today was a very busy day. Our church sponsored a FREE (that's right free) car wash. It was a huge hit. We made 36 contacts. I say "we", but really I didn't do too much, so They made 36 contacts. Our church has some of the best people ever, they were so enthused about the amount of people they were reaching, that they worked for an extra hour after the scheduled ending time. Is that cool or what? Anyway. The pics I have don't do the event justice because they were taken right at the very beginning. Trust me when I say, these people were very busy. At one point I think there were five cars in the washing area and two in the drying area. The hostess area was always busy. Several people stayed a while to chat even after their cars were done. I think that says a lot about our church people. So yup, here are some pics. but I am sure there will be better ones on the church website in a couple of days.

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