Monday, August 31, 2009

I am soo soo happy!!!

FRIDAY Sept 25th 8PM be there or be sad you missed out.
We did it!!!!!!!
Melting Pot here we come(or there you go)! I don't have the exact details (I'll get 'em tonight) but it's going to be about $15 per person. That includes dessert (at least two chocolates and dippers) and your non-alcoholic drinks. Trust me that is a GREAT deal. If you don't believe me look up their website and price it out. Anyway, yeah so spread the word and invite your friends (ages 18-39). There will be seating for up to 36 people, so if we have not reached that number by the week before or so I will probably open this even up all the ladies in general. But this is an InGroup event, so I really want all the ingroup ladies to attend if they can. I am so excited about this. I know it is going to be so much fun.

YUMMY in my TUMMY goodness !!!!!!


preston said... like when are the guys doing this? And who did you blackmail at the Pot? J/k!

Bekki said...

OOOH!!! You have made me want The Melting Pot!!! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to eat. Sigh. It's not fair being assaulted with these images right before lunch.

The Dillons said...

You should come. I think Jen p. is going. Have her buy a ticket for you.