Saturday, August 15, 2009

I missed the boat

So, I am supposed to be at the second half of Mother's Retreat right now. The problem is I over slept, majorly. Sorry guys. Last night I pushed myself and stayed up till 1am, so this morning I woke up a little later than I meant to. As some may know, because of baby Wyatt I have very low blood/sugar levels in the morning. After I eat breakfast it usually takes my body about 2-3 hours to feel normal and not like I am going to die (gross exaggeration?). So anyway, my plan was to get up at 6am, have breakfast, get to sis. Booker's by 9:30 and enjoy the day. Unfortunately I woke up at 9am, thought I could push through my sugar low, failed, went back to bed, and now I am awake and ready to go. The problem is the last class started at 11 so it is all pretty much over now. Lame.


Lozano Family said...

We missed you!!! I totally understand though. I made the mistake of staying up until 3a.m. (at least that was the last time I checked...) Then not sleeping well, waking up lots of times, and getting up a little before 8a.m. I came home looking like some kind of zombie ;-) It was an awesome time though. And, it was all taped. (The teaching anyways!)

The Dillons said...

lol, I wish it ALL would have been taped. That recording would be worth a lot of money.