Monday, August 24, 2009


According to my baby tracker I am on the last baby!
Let me tell you a story:
Last night Caleb and I had dinner at Farmer Boys. When we walked in there was an older man at the door. He looked at my belly and said Congratulations (this happens quite often). To which I laughed a little and replied thank you. As we were walking to sit down I told Caleb that I take some comfort in knowing that I at least look huge and pregnant, rather than just huge. To this he said nothing, but wiped off several cracker crumbs that were stuck to my shirt. I laughed and realized that maybe the man saw my belly, the crumbs, us walking into a restaurant to eat, and that's how he decided I must be pregnant.

Big bellies are a hazard in the kitchen. I don't know how many times I have turned a burner down, off or on with my belly. LOL, I do it with the oven too, and that is really annoying. Most recently I was making brownies with Hailey, I turned the oven on, and when we were ready to put the brownies in the oven, the temp was turned down. I realized that I bumped the knob with my tum.
As for the stove knobs I have gotten into a habit of periodically checking to make sure the gas is not on, because I have accidentally bumped the knobs so many times.

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