Monday, August 17, 2009

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are magic, white rabbits are magic, quarters and small pieces of paper crumbled between ones fingers are magic. So if I bring all of these things with me into L&D will the baby just magically go from my belly to my arms without pain?
Last night I had a BIG reality check. That is that : I AM HAVING A BABY!!!!!! Quick someone call my Mommy!
Several people commented last night that it looked as though the baby has dropped (Thus getting ready for birth). I began to think about it, and I now concur that the baby has indeed settled into a much lower position. Thus evidence by the extra non-productive urgent visits to a certain room in our home, stores, and just about anywhere that has one. Now, I know that the the simple act of the baby dropping does not really mean too much. But like the overly tired first time mom that I am I began a little freak out session last night. I started looking stuff up on the Internet (which I do for everything) and realized that even if the baby doesn't come in a couple weeks (which I am sure he won't) at some point he is going to have to get out. And there is really only one non surgical way for that to happen. LOL, so I cried a little cause I got scared. Caleb tried to comfort me, but he had already been drugged with benadryl so he kinda didn't make too much sense and he kept falling asleep. HAHAHa. I told him I was scared like - there's a monster in the closet - scared.

---------- posting is supposed to help me work through my feelings, but honestly I am just starting to get nervous all over again, so I am going to stop right here and distract myself by putting our rocking chair together.

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Lozano Family said...

I feel for you! Know the feeling well, but you're going to make it out, and it will be soooooo worth it all. Look forward to actually seeing and holding that little guy that you're already in love with, all the rest pales in comparison.