Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Midnight and All's Well

It's 12am and I am not wide awake at all. I am just not able to sleep. Kim and Jaleah just left about an hour ago. We made favors for the shower and planned a game. It is kinda weird, I know this shower is for our baby, but it feels like it is for someone else. I guess the whole thing has not sunken in yet. Especially since I am not being allowed to help all that much. Everything is being kept "top secret". All I know is I was told to wear Navy Blue, lol. Leave it to Kim to coordinate everything. (so if you want to match the decor, wear blue)
Yesterday Caleb and I went to our first Child Birth Class. It is not necessarily a "Lamaze" class, but rather it incorporates several different strategies to help moms cope with the birthing process. The class was actually a lot of fun. There are about six other couples in the class. Most of us are due the same week. The instructor is great, she is kinda goofy so that makes for an interesting three hours. She insists on feeding all of the pregnant women and making sure they are hydrated. It's very cute. Last night we did some prenatal exercises, stretches, and the dads learned how to give us poor moms massages. The massage was definitely the best part. We have three more class to go and then I will be completely and totally prepared to give birth sans meds. Or at least I will feel that way until it actually happens.
p.s. hopefully the prego pictures will be posted soon.

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Nancy said...

Haha! I was already planning to wear MY navy blue dress! Uh, oh...maybe I should change plans! :-)