Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pray saints

Ok, this is really random and some may even get upset that I am posting this. In fact let me start off by saying I am experiencing a drop in my blood sugar as I type so really I am not in my right mind and I may decide to remove this post later. :)
The InGroup (ages 18-39) is hosting a Ladies Night Out on September the 25th. Our baby is due September 24th. I really really really really want to do this ladies night out thing, I have been looking forward to it all year. I have a great plan and I think it is going to be a total blast. But obviously I may not even be apart of it because I may have just delivered a child. That being said, everyone needs to pray that I have the baby early! You know, as long as he is healthy. (is this a wacky idea?) I figure if we have the baby during the week of Labor Day, he will only be two weeks early (that's ok right?) and by the time the LNO comes around I will have had some time to recover and at least direct the evening. So yeah there's my crazy plan. Have the baby two weeks early, and put on a great night for all the ladies in our care group. What do you think?

(As I am typing part of my brain is telling me I am crazy and this is not a good plan, but who knows it just might work.)
So either way, plan for a LNO on September 25th , Friday night. If I am in labor, hopefully the show will go on.


HG said...

Ummmm - I think it would be better for you, the baby, and the IN Group to pray that you have the baby on September 27, or 28, or something like that. Why two weeks early? The babe needs every day he can get in the oven!

TRUST ME - If he's born two weeks early, you'll still not be ready to direct a LNO on 9/25. You think you're sleep deprived, moody, and cranky now??? You haven't seen anything yet!

Hang in there mom - everything happens in the perfect time. Millions of women have survived the pain of childbirth, and you will too. Barring any twins or triplets - you get to do this SIX more times, so get used to it.

You're beautiful Sarrah!


The Dillons said...

Thanks HG. I know I am being silly. I think staying home is wrecking my common sense.