Monday, August 17, 2009

Think before you speak

This post was incomplete because Caleb was reading over my shoulder, and I hate that. BUT I did not know that it posted, I thought that I saved it as a draft. You will never know rest.

(ok ok ok) So yesterday we had a Dr. Appointment and the Dr. asked if the baby is moving as usual. I hesitated, and told him that I didn't think the baby was moving as much, but that I wasn't too concerned about it. Apparently the Dr. had already written out an order for a NST before I had even finished my sentence. The test measures the baby's heartbeat for an allotted amount of time to see if the baby has been under stress (which would cause a drop in movement). So here we go, Caleb and I had to miss our Lamaze class and go straight to the hospital. We waited around for about three hours before I was admitted. The test only lasted 30mins, which was great because it could have taken up to 90mins. I think Wyatt realized his mom was tired and decided to cooperate. Everything checked out fine, and we left the hospital a little after 9pm. I am glad we have a Dr. that is not willing to take any risks with our baby. I just wish i could convince him that my "Mother's instinct" is as good as any test. But, with that said, we now have proof that Wyatt is doing well.


The uncle who wants to know said...

umm... ur post wasn't complete. I'm a little in the dark here. lol

Grammar to be said...

Thank God!!