Thursday, September 17, 2009

All is well

God is so good. Although we had a rough morning, all was made well when Caleb got a phone call from the police department stating they had a kid in custody who was in possession of several of Caleb's credit cards and also his social and ID. Kinda weird to get a call from the P.D. , when we are county so we filed our report with the Sheriffs dept.
The story goes like this:
A car makes an illegal turn, officer pulls him over. The driver is a current parolee so the officer searches the car. A younger man is sitting in the back seat smoking, and under his seat are several of Caleb's cards. The kid is brought into custody, they call Caleb to ask if he knows the kid. Caleb says no, the kid starts to cry cause he doesn't want to take the rap alone (lol, my fav. part). Kid confesses to breaking into our cars and several around the neighborhood and then rats out his friend (who has the other half of Caleb's cards) and the driver (who has been filling up his gas tank on our good credit). Police go to the friends house, the friend has the rest of Caleb's cards as well as that bass booster thingy that was taken from my car. Charges are filed.
Craziness. I guess there are have been several petty thefts in the neighborhood and a couple of home robberies. Unfortunately for these guys (if they are innocent of everything else) they are now the main suspects for all of it.
So anyway. Yeah. I hate to see Caleb upset for anything. So this morning as he was leaving for work I asked God to bring justice to who ever broke into our cars (sounds corny, but that's what I asked for and I am sure Caleb was praying the same thing). Cause really, this is the second time they got into mine and that's just ridiculous. I mean, we are God's people. I understand bad things happen to everyone, but sometimes it is nice to have your Father take up for you. And I really feel that is what happened today. Two hours after we filed our report, both of the kids are in custody and all of our stuff has been recovered. That's some quick prayer answering.


Lozano Family said...

That is awesome! Isn't it neat when you pray like that and God answers. Makes you wonder how there are atheists. . . Glad that everything has been worked out!

HG said...

Wow - thanks guys! Thanks for getting those buggers out of our neighborhood, how scary!!

So glad you got swift justice this time - isn't God good?

Love you, can't wait to meet Wyatt. Really now, let's be practical. If you're going to call him Wyatt, why don't you name him Wyatt? Nobody cares about the middle name anyway.

Happy Labor!


The Smarter One said...

How many times have I told the dummy NOT TO LEAVE HIS WALLET IN THE CAR????!!!!???? But does he listen to me? NO! I could give him a charlie horse over this. Really!

Anonymous said...

lol. so much love.