Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cold Feet.

and it's not me this time. With our due date less than two weeks away, Caleb is second guessing the order in which Wyatt's full name should go. What do you think, James Wyatt or Wyatt James?
The original name is James Wyatt, but now Caleb is thinking he likes Wyatt James better. Either way we are calling him Wyatt, so I don't think it matters all that much.
Just for fun I am putting it up for vote.
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Grammar to be said...

Since Dad & I both use the same computer, only one of us could vote. We both like James Wyatt best.

Caroline said...

James Wyatt seems to roll off the tongue a bit easier.

Kathy McElhaney said...

You don't know me, but Caleb does. I was talking to your mother-in-law last weekend in Fresno and told her how much I love your blog, so I thought I'd say hi!

My 2 cents on the name:

My brother-in-law is William Lance but has always gone by Lance. It can cause some confusion, but he also knows when a telemarketer is calling 'cause they call him William or Bill!

Anonymous said...

We already have too many James in our church why would you want another one. I like wyatt James better.

Nancy said...

I voted but the results show it's 50/50 so far! Haha! What a lot of help! I love Wyatt James.

Katie Booker said...

Here's my personal, no good for nothing, opinion. I don't like it when a kid is named one thing and then called by his middle name.
(Yes I know Caleb and Andy both are called by their 3rd names lol)
I just think it causes confusion later on...
I have always thought it was ridiculous for a parent to name their kid, say, Logan, for example...and then always call him Chase....Thats retarded..why not just name him Chase in the first place LOL =)
A little too opinionated...Maybe...but you asked :D
I like Wyatt...its very cute and original.

The Dillons said...

lol. so this whole time you have thought our child's name was retarded and never said anything lol thanks. haha

Amanda Jacobs said...

Haha :) I LOVE Wyatt James!!! It's CRAZY that he's Almost here! Someone's gotta send us AZ people picts and UPDATES K :)

Katie Booker said...

HAHAHA....I have NEVER thought your childs name was retarded....You are CRAZY! lol