Wednesday, September 30, 2009

still here

We have had Wyatt home for two days. The first night was a bit hard, but last night seemed OK. God has blessed us with a little boy that likes to sleep. Not all day long, but it seems like he likes to take a long nap around 3am. This morning I actually had to wake him up at 7 to eat. LOL, he just waking Daddy up right now. (Daddy took a Tylenol pm last night so it was just me and wyatt)

Anyway, the baby calls so I got to finish my cheerios.

update: we just came home from the Dr.'s and Wyatt is at 9lbs and 22 inches. Also, say a little prayer about this stubborn jaundice.

2am fun!!!


Lozano Family said...

He looks like he is doing well! He is just adorable!

Uncle Andrew said...

YOU LET HIM GET THE HICCUPS!!!!! I'm bringing him home with me!

haha.. jkjk.. he's too cute! I found you guys a house in Fresno and Caleb a job.. so just move on up here next weekend!

Stephanie said...

lololol, Andy!