Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Update of an overly proud daddy continues

My kid just keeps getting cuter every day. I am amazed at how cool Wyatt is... just trust me he is the coolest kid ever. Anyway to the great relief of all faithful readers Sarrah will be home tomorrow and will be able to give her usual fabulous spin on the days events (and more importantly post pictures).

Wyatt is doing really really really well! God really does answer prayers. Before I got to the hospital this morning I was told all these things could be wrong with the worlds most fabulous kid (aka Wyatt) ( as if you sure). We called for prayer and Bro. Joel Booker came to pray for Wyatt at the hospital. All the rest of the day we kept getting better and better news to the point that we were able to have Wyatt off monitor for hours at a time to feed and hold him. We should find out what kind of infection he has tomorrow and that will determine what kind of antibiotics they need to keep him on. The nurses said he looks and acts totally fine except for his infection and even that could be going away.... we find out tomorrow. So the worlds greatest kid has a wonderful healer on his side. Thanks for all the prayers they really do work.

The best mommy of all comes home tomorrow afternoon and hopefully the cutest kid ever follows her shortly.

(And yes I am that proud of my kid thanks for asking)



HG said...

Congratulations!!! We are so very happy for you, can't wait to meet your awesome fabulous son.

Please know that we are praying for him without ceasing. I believe he will be coming home SOON!

Boys Rock!

We love you guys,

HG said...

YEAH !!! Thanks for the picture - glad I FINALLY get to see this handsome boy. He looks like he's about 3 months old.

Great job Caleb & Sarrah - he's gorgeous. Can't wait to get my hands on him.


Kathy McElhaney said...

Awwww... a picture! Such a cutie! Now I can picture who I'm praying for - praying the infection goes away soon!