Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am I working with count chocula again?

Ok. So lets talk about this.
Wyatt has learned to hold his pee and release it just as I am closing his diaper, thus catching me off guard to the point that I scream and jump back. This has happened twice today and it seems like everyday for the past three days.
The first time ended up with Wyatt getting a little more than a sponge bath afterwards. This is how that happened:
Earlier in the day Wyatt had a major diaper blow out, not being able to submerge him in water I had to settle for a wipe down. I didn't feel like he was clean but it was all I could do. Later in the day as I was closing his diaper Wyatt let me and the whole nursery have it. i was so shocked that at first I did not even realize he was peeing on my arm, then the carpet, and I am pretty sure he got it all over himself. In my frenzied state I grabbed him off of the changing table rushed him to the sink, turned on the water, grabbed the baby shampoo, a cloth and gave him a good scrub down. I think it all happened in about ten seconds.
The last couple of times have been after his little sponge bath. This morning and this afternoon have been right as I finished changing is diaper. Seriously he has the timing down perfect. I think I am going to invest in a hazmat uniform otherwise I don't know how many showers I am going to end up taking everyday.


Grammar said...

Sorry, I'm laughing!!! Where's the pee-teepee? Or an umbrella? Or a boat?

Stephanie said...'ve resurrected memories of my little was dripping off his
I put a small heater on his dresser/changing table- we've yet to be doused since. Maybe a $13 Target heater would save you some laundry and some showering (and we all know you have little time for either of those things.)

Anonymous said...

A heater is a great idea. We have a wipe warmer but you have to start the warming process five minutes before you are going to use it. And really I dont have the mind to plan that far ahead.

Anonymous said...

So many memories! Didn't try the heater, but I used to get one of those small wash clothes and put it on his pee-pee when I took of his diaper. That way if he peed it'd get on the wash cloth and not me and all over. There were times it seemed like window washing day, 'cause his changing table was in front of the window and he'd spray it down! Bring a baggy too, to put the wash cloth in, like at church or when you're out. It helps to have the new diaper ready to go!

Lozano Family said...

I am laughing, mostly because I have had the exact same experience, and I have been pooed on too. . . Yeah, I won't go into that one. I told my Mom that changing boy diapers brought a whole new meaning to spray and wash. I would have never thought of a heater, and it's too late for that idea at my house, however, I used a wipe (they are always right there when you are changing them) and I would put that on top of the sprinkler system when I changed him. It did save me more than once!