Friday, October 30, 2009

Cranky Boy

Let's talk about Wyatt and his crankiness. For the most part Wyatt is a happy little guy. He is content to lay in his crib and look around or sit for a while in his swing. The problem comes when Wyatt is napping. First of all he is getting better and better at fighting his sleep. He now knows how to kick his legs and push against me or push off the couch to express his disdain for sleep. Once we get through that battle, all is well in the kingdom. Until the king is woken prematurely from his slumber. Then The Beast manifests himself. The Beast will not sleep for more than an hour at a time throughout the rest of the day. He is cranky and consoles himself by nursing every forty-five minutes. The Beast will not rest no matter how tired and whacked out he is. And when he wakes it is with flared nostrils and a loud roar. Yesterday, The Beast was up from 2 in the afternoon till 4 in the morning. Using only the smallest of cat naps to recharge is raging search for the one who woke him in the first place. It was not until I gave in and put him in our bed that the beast subsided. Although even then for as tired as he was The Beast only slept for three hours.
So what is it about being woken early that throws Wyatt off? I am not sure, but it is a pretty consistent behaviour. No matter what I try, when Wyatt is in that mood nothing is good enough I thought yesterday that he would eventually just sleep from exhaustion. Unfortunately for Caleb and I that did not happen. Oh well. That's life with a small child I guess.


Anonymous said...

Is it too early for a slug of Benedryl??

Just kidding!!!

How about a little Tylenol? If it were us, we'd take a Tylenol, relax, and sleep to our hearts content.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just take him for a car ride until he falls asleep and go from there...