Monday, October 12, 2009

Hard day.

Today Wyatt was ,ummm how can I say this nicely, nipped; that sounds polite.
I took him to the Dr.'s by my self. Wyatt slept while we waiting in the waiting room. When he woke up he was naked and laying on a cold table. Not something he expected at all. He was weighed (10 pounds now!) and prepped, then the Dr. ordered me to leave the room. Apparently they don't allow Moms to stay and watch (not that I was planning on looking). When I was called back to Wyatt's room he was crying so hard. At first I didn't feel that bad because I knew he would cry a lot. It was when I got him to the car and he was still crying that I began to cry. Wyatt could not even nurse, he would eat for a while and then pull himself up into a ball and scream (and the Dr. told me he would not feel any pain). This from a baby that really only cries when he gets his diaper changed. I felt so bad for allowing my little guy to go through such a dumb ritual all for the sake of fitting in the society. My mom will argue with me about the importance of circumcision, but really all of the arguments have been debunked and it all comes down to peer pressure and fitting in with the norm.
Be all that as it may, I gave in and had my little guy snipped. He is surviving and so far is doing ok. He is a little late in getting this procedure done (don't ask why) and so I am sure that plays into why he is feeling a little more sore than others do. I know he will recover just fine, it is just so unnerving to hear your little baby cry inconsolably and know that it's basically your fault. (harsh I know) Anyway, in other less negative news, Wyatt's umbilical stub is falling off!!! Hurray for growing up.


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!!

I had boys and went both ways until one of them had problems. He had a rough time having surgery as an older kid and later trouble with scar tissue. So...

Lozano Family said...

Oh Sarrah, I know the feeling. Lil'Baltie was 13 days old, another late offering. I am so glad that I only have one boy!! I NEVER want to do that ever again. I cried in the waiting room when I heard him cry, and I cried the whole day after. I held him most of the day too. However, on the brighter side, he seems to have no recollection of the terrible event whatsoever, and, as a matter of fact, pulls on it so hard that I am surprised that he even still has one. I think now, that if I would have left it alone, he would have simply taken care of it all by himself.. . ;-) Yeah, I am the one that was permanently traumatized by the snip.