Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My new phone

So I finally got a new phone. Actually Caleb bought one for me. It's the new(ish) Blackberry Flip. I totally love it. These phones are still relatively expensive. The ones I found were priced at over 200 dollars. Luckily Caleb was on Ebay one day and found one that was listed wrong. The seller listed the phone under the wrong model number and never fixed it so we were the only ones bidding on it. I am so glad to have a new phone. My old chunky phone really needed to be trashed years ago. Yes, years.
There was one problem with my new phone that I did not find until I had already had it a few days. I was looking through my pictures and I found one that I did not take. The previous owner erased everything from the phone, but left a little gift for me. It was so funny and weird at the same time that I didn't quite know how to react. I think the hairiness of his legs is what left me speechless.

This is weird right? even now I am totally weirded out by it. Look at thos nasty toe nails! Gross.

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