Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our first missed Sunday :(

Ok, so we missed Sunday morning. Why? because we are new at this, that's why. :)
We missed because Wyatt was up all night and pretty much all morning (which means his parents were up as well) . He would sleep for an hour wake up cranky, eat, sleep and wake up cranky. It was not until this morning that we figured out our little guy had gas pains. So at about noon today Caleb went to the store bought some mylicon (said a little prayer) and now it seems as though all is well. Wyatt is sitting in his swing enjoying classical music, daddy is heating up the grill to cook some steaks, and mommy is blogging away.

I got to say we have to best baby ever. Even with his pains he did not go into a screaming fit. He cried and was obviously hurting, but always kept his cool. :)

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