Friday, October 9, 2009

This goes with the pictures

Ok my computer is acting up and so I have to do this post in two sections.
The pictures below are from Wyatt's first service.
Let me just say that getting up on Sunday morning was hard. Harder than my years of being in the youth group and staying out all night and then getting up to be on the bus. Caleb and I almost didn't go. Wyatt had been up all night and we were just exhausted out of our minds. In the end common sense kicked in and told us this is not the last time we are going to be tired and if we miss church because we are tired we will never go. So we got ourselves up out of bed, got there on time (maybe early, can't remember that long ago), and we were so glad we did. Otherwise we would have missed a very special service. During the second session Bro. Booker had everyone walk outside and stand on the spot were our new building will soon be. Then they had a short service. It was so neat and I am so grateful little Wyatt got to be apart of it.

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