Monday, October 26, 2009


I have secret to tell. Wyatt sleeps with me every night. Either in our bed (when I sleep in bed) or literally on me while I sleep on the couch. The couch? yes, the couch. Most nights I sleep on the couch with Wyatt because I want Caleb to get a good nights rest. Seeing has he brings home the bacon, I need to make sure my little pay check stays healthy and rested.
Be all that as it may, I am now trying to train Wyatt to sleep on his own before it is too late I have a five year old in my bed every night. I have been putting him down for his day time naps in his bassinet rather than sleeping with him, or putting him in his swing. Today he slept for almost two hours. That is a great accomplishment.
One of the biggest reasons Wyatt ended up sleeping on me/with me during the night is he sleeps so much better and longer that way. So really I just need to build up the courage to try sleeping him by himself at night, even if it means losing more sleep. But its a very big sacrifice seeing as last night he slept for at least 5 if not 6 hours straight (I'm not sure of how long because I was totally knocked out). I am just not sure if I am ready to trade that kind of sleep for two hour sessions again.


Stephanie said...

Ask Nancy about sleep training...seriously, she's got the scoop! :-)

A picture-less uncle said...

Ask Uncle Andrew about posting pictures... seriously, he say's you need more!

Nancy said...

Hurry and go buy the Babywise book! I told Aunt Sandra & Uncle Jim all about it yesterday so they can give you the details easier than in this comment box! Worked like a CHARM for Aidan! Didn't have it for Madeline and she was still waking up once a night at 3 years old!!!!