Thursday, October 29, 2009

We did it!

Last night Wyatt slept in his bassinet and I got to sleep in my own bed! Now, this is only the first time, but lets hope he catches on fast.
The funny part is, it was harder on me than it was on him. I missed him during the night and had to talk myself out of picking him up and putting him in my bed -He will only be this small for a short while you know- So yup, no crying at all. He squirmed around when he was hungry, I fed him and he went back to sleep. His sleep schedule is not as long as when I hold him. He slept for three hours, woke up, three hours again, and now he is asleep again. Not bad at all. I just need to get him sleeping earlier in the evening. He did go to sleep till around one in the morning. So we are going to get this bassinet thing down and then start working on getting him to sleep at around 11.
I'm telling you this child is progressing in leaps and bounds. He has got the be the smartest kid I ever had. :)

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Katie Booker said...

That is going to be one of your GREATEST accomplishments! You go girl!!!
I have a camera and monitor if you would like to have it and don't have one..Its GREAT!!! He can sleep in his own room and you can peak at him if you need to!! :)