Thursday, November 5, 2009

I can't belive I am saying this

While I'm really not "saying" it, I'm expressing.

Ok, here goes...... Children are contagious. Seriously I hate to even let this be known, but for the last week I have caught myself thinking about a second child. Is that crazy or what? Wyatt is so young yet my retarded brain is already planning for more.
Yesterday, while walking into the church I saw Erica walking across the parking lot and before I knew I thought it my mind said, " Awe, I miss being pregnant." But my real brain doesn't miss being pregnant. My real brain wants to fit into my regular clothes. My real brain wants to enjoy the summer, play volleyball and go to the county fair as many times as I can without coming home with swollen feet. My real brain is happy with life as it is and is enjoying the blessings of God.
Now, while I do ponder on a second child it is usually only when Wyatt is being all cute or when he is sleeping. When Wyatt is up at 2 in the morning, even if he is just hanging out and cooing to himself, I am no longer thinking of a second, but rather I am dreaming of the time when Wyatt is 10, sleeps by himself and I can once again get a full 8 hours of rest.
Anyway, isn't that crazy. I can't believe my mind is ambushing me like this. But, seeing as Wyatt took about three years to get, I don't think we have too much to worry about right now.


Stephanie said...

Haha- I hear ya! When I let logic win the "brain wars" it says our next one will be a dog. We will even name it Brother or Sister if Rory wants to say he has a brother or sister. :-P
Encouraging words for the day: you will sleep again- very soon...

Anonymous said...

Hey... been following your blog for a while. Your little guy is so cute. As for it taking three years to get the first one, don't be surprised! It took us three years for the first one as well, but five months later.. surprise. The next one is coming in six weeks. They say nursing is not birth control. But enjoy it when he is small! They grow up to fast! Love seeing updates!

Calgary, AB (Bro King's church)
Just so you know I'm not some random stranger. ;-) Sorta

Lozano Family said...

My 'Real' brain is the only brain cell I have left after three rambunctious kids. It doesn't run too well, stuck on the same thing - all done, no more kids, no more kids... I know that crazy feeling. We ladies must have a screw loose, because we're the ones who have to go through all the trauma, and then, we're the ones who are just begging to do it all over again! Isn't it worth it :)

The Dillons said...

LOL, thats so true. Something about getting through the first month, I guess I just feel like I really can do this whole parenting thing.