Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more to the story

One of the harder parts of being a new mom is remembering to be a wife.
I have not been a good wife. All week.
My days have been filled with walking around the mall, spending gift cards, and hanging out at my Mothers until Caleb gets home. Luckily my Mom has been making dinner for everyone so we have not had to go out to eat too many times. But still, I don't think I have made dinner once this week. I am making spaghetti tonight, but that is only because Caleb is on his way over to the store to buy some sauce. Otherwise it would be flautas from Betty's kitchen. Which isn't a bad deal, they are good and free.
In other news, I took Wyatt to the Drs' today to get his little ingrown toes checked out. The Dr said no more shoes or snug fitting socks until his toe nails grow out. Which could take up to four months. (are you kidding me, my son with no shoes, for four months!) The reason his Dr. said no shoes is because she believes that the shoes could be irritating his sensitive skin. I have agreed to allow Wyatt to be shoeless every night, except for church nights. I just cant get myself to get him all dressed up for church and then only put socks on him. It's just not going to happen. So for about four hours on Sunday and two hours on Wednesday I will be disobeying Dr.s orders and placing some too cute penny loafers on my son. On all the other days it will just be socks.

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