Friday, December 18, 2009

Free food.....kinda

If you are a fan of You are going to LOVE this deal.
From now through December 25 you can buy a $25 dollar gift certificate for $2. No Joke just two bucks. there is no limit on how many you can buy, but the offer is only good for the 25 dollar certificates. All you do is enter the word SANTA in the coupon code box at check out.

Now if you have never used you must know that there is a lot of fine print when buying these things. Usually there is is minimum amount you have to spend before the gift card can be used. For example : Must spend $50 to use a $25 gift card. So really you are getting 50 dollars worth of food for 25 plus what ever you paid for the gift card in the first place. Get it?
Also I was told that you are only allowed to use one card (I say card because I don't know what else to call it. really its a piece of paper you printed out at home) per table.
BUT if you go with friends its easy to spend 50 bucks, and then you use your paper and spilt the remaining 25 dollars or whatever. Get it yet?
I know way confusing. Just remember you can buy 25 dollar cards for 2 bucks. then go and spend 35 or 50 (which ever the fine print says) us the card and pay the difference. easy.
Coupon Code: SANTA
good till the 25th
I dont know if these "gift cards" expire.

I should be getting paid for this I all three of you readers click the link and go crazy!

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Katie Booker said...

yeah for!!!!
Enjoyed WILD dinner last nite! =)