Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My sister Anto bought this cute little puppy a couple of months ago. His name is Max and he is the husband of their female pug, Sadie.
A very horrible thing happened to Max the other day. He drowned in the pool and was found by my brother in the law Carlos. After Carlos got his mind wrapped around what had happened he found Anto and told her the bad news. She cried. Carlos then found Hailey and , not having the heart to tell her what really happened to Max, he told her that someone had stolen him. So Hailey when up stairs to her room and started drawing different pictures of Max. When she felt like she was done, she brought them all to Carlos and said, "OK Daddy, lets go put these on all the houses so we can find Max." (I am sure Carlos' heart sank)
She is so smart and quick on her feet. I am so sad that Max is gone, he was a cutie pie. Hopefully Anto will recover from her loss quickly. Maybe Carlos can buy her another Max.
That's what my Dad always does, if a dog he loves dies he just buys another one just like it and gives it the same name. No harm, no foul. I think they have had at least three Dukes and two Dustys.

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