Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doctors Report.

For Wyatt.
My son has has a cough for three whole weeks. I have taken him to the Doctor every week. Each time I am sent home with a "we'll just watch it and see what happens." OK? for how long?
This past Thursday Wyatt went in for his 4 month physical (that's Dr. talk for: we are going to give your kid shots and make him cry). He is growing like crazy, an even 24 inches and right at 15 pounds. I couldn't see his head measurement, but it must have been OK because no one came in and said his head was small. Too small for hats yes, but not too small for his brilliant little brain. Anyhoo, the doctor looked at his ears and said one was just "burley" starting to become infected (pink stuff prescribed) and then she looked at his nose. We talked about how he has been acting and whatever, whatever. Upon much thought she decided little boy has allergies (benadryl prescribed) and I was told to once again watch and see. If his cough is basically not gone within a week I have to take him back ($25 co pay). So far I have not seen an improvement, but I have had some of the best sleep of my life (as a mother that is).
I do have one glaring question and I am going to call on Monday about it. Does this doctor expect me to give Wyatt benadryl ever 6 hours throughout the day? cause if so I am having a really hard time with that. She prescribed as needed so I have only been giving it to him right before he goes to bed and then six hours after that. but I haven't seen an improvement in his cough. I hate to think of Wyatt drugged out ALL day, he is such an active baby. Caleb thinks we should just do every six hours for a couple of days to fight the allergy and then ease off. I dont know.


Lozano Family said...

I feel your pain!!! Aubrielle was prescribed some sort of allergy medication at 4 months as well. These type of things run in my side of the family. You will find that there are certain times of the year that he is more aggrivated than others. Particularly when the weather changes, wind especially, and rain included. So far all of my children have had problems. I have used claritin (generic form of course!) and the thing that I don't like about that is it takes some time to build up in your system and actually work. But it doesn't cause the drowsiness. I use benadryl a lot. Mostly at bed time because it does make them sleepy, and if they are really bad I will give it at nap time too. Having a humidifier and a vaporizer is good too, I will use either one depending on the weather. Put a pillow under the mattress so that his head is elevated - that can help with the coughing. Vicks doesn't hurt either. Aubrielle is the worst, she has been given inhalers for the coughing, but I have found that taking her in the bathroom with the shower running hot water on full blast and having her sit in the steam for 10 minutes or so really works well. Delysm works well for coughing too, once he is old enough to take it. Whew, sorry for jabbering! I hope that some of that helps :)

The Dillons said...

lol. thanks... so drug him, slather him with vicks, then let him take a nap in the bathroom on an elevated mattress. Got it.