Thursday, January 28, 2010

A funny thing...

happened while I was at my Mom's today. Wyatt and I were there pretty much all day. So when it came nap time for Wyatt I tried a new method called, laying him on the couch, as opposed to holding him throughout his nap like I usually do. Well, I laid him down and told my mom I was a little worried about Wyatt falling off the couch because lately he has been sticking his bum up in the air, and then he throws his body to either the left or right as he sleeps. So I was worried that he might do that and send himself flying off of the couch. Thankfully my mom has every gadget in the entire world in her garage. So she walked off and came back with this little guard rail thing that she stuck under the couch cushions. Thus hindering Wyatt's quick flight onto the living room floor.
Now, the following pictures are what I saw when Wyatt woke from his nap and had been gabbing to himself for a while:
He was stuck between the bottom of the guard rail and the couch cushions! lol Justine says he was trying to escape.
Here he is caught in the act.
My handsome little escape artist.

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Anonymous said...

So funny how they seem to find even the smallest hole to wiggle thru or get stuck in! Bev