Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not so small

GUESS WHAT!!!!! Wyatt rolled over three times today, and it is only 11:30 (when I typed that line it was exactly 11:30). Crazyness... I will try to get a little clip of him on my phone later, assuming he wants to do it again.

Did I tell you he is also teething already, his eye teeth are going to come in first so I will have a little rolling vampire on my hands. lol. I kid, I kid.


Uncle Andrew said...

You so should dress him in the white button down, bow tie and red/black cape. hahaha.. so funny!

The Dillons said...

Trust me I will...oh I can't wait. Now I am way excited for those little fangs to come in. Do an image search for "National Enquirer Bat Boy". (not for the faint of heart)lol.... I am so gonna get in trouble for this one.