Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day At The Beach

We took Wyatt to my favorite beach yesterday, Huntington Beach. It was a really beautiful day, and thankfully Wyatt loved the water and wet sand. I totally love the beach and beg Caleb to get a job a Hoag every time we are in the area. I would move in a heartbeat.


Grammar said...

Those smiles look like pure joy!!

HG said...

If you moved to Huntington Beach, or Newport Beach, or Long Beach, or Seal Beach, or any beach at all - I would come and be your live-in nanny, nurse, housekeeper, butler, and chef. Promise.

I volunteered as a Candy Striper at Hoag Hospital from the age of 14 - 18, then worked as a nurses aide, then an RN, then a Charge Nurse, then moved to the ICU. I LOVED working there. Went walking (and skating) on the beach many times after work. Such a simpler time of my life - seems like it was many lifetimes ago.

Thanks for the memories. Glad to hear somebody appreciates the beach as much as I do. I'm a serious Beach Girl stranded out here in this god-forsaken desert. Your family looks GREAT at the beach. I really think you should move there.