Friday, March 5, 2010

On the Move

For those that don't know, we are moving. Yup, the time has come for us to cut our ties to 6005 Koa Drive and moving back into apartments. Last year one of the businesses Caleb was working for shut down. Since then Caleb has been working at one location rather than two (as he has done our entire marriage). So we have suffered a 50% or more loss of income (I was making up the slack, but then came Wyatt and now my working days are few). Life is not so bad with this new arrangement. I see my husband more often now, and he has to travel a lot less. The obvious negative is we have way less money coming in. So we are choosing to live below our means rather than at our means. We have found a pretty nice apartment in Alta Loma for about $1000 a month, and the first month is free! The apartment has a garage so we will not have to rent a storage space for all our junk, and it also has a little enclosed backyard with actual grass! very rare for an apartment to have grass, usually all you get is a cement "patio". The complex pays water, gas, and trash; all we pay is electric. We stand to save at least $600 a month. All in all I am looking forward to the savings, but our move could not have come at a worse time. (Well, I take that back, all this drama could be going on with my family, AND I could be like eight months pregnant with like twins or something.... that would be worse)
I am just worried about my mom. She takes comfort in knowing that Caleb and I (more Caleb than I) live so close. She feels like if there is a big emergency, she knows she could count on us, (she also likes to steal our food when we go on vacation...cant do that to strangers) and now we will be 20 minutes away. But it is not forever. Just a year. Maybe by then we will have all this credit stuff worked out and actually, someday, just maybe, be able to buy a house in the country club. Until then, Wyatt and I will be commuting from alta loma to rialto at least three times a week.

P.S. Anyone want to babysit Whoot for about a year???????? It is killing Caleb to have to give him up.

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