Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is finished.

Ding Dong the Whoot is Gone, which ol' Whoot? the wicked Whoot!
Ding Dong the wicked Whoot is GOOOOOONNNNNNEEEE.

Whoot found a new home today. Thankfully it seems like it will be with a wonderful family. A teenage boy (14ish) has been emailing me about Whoot all week. Today, caleb arranged a meeting and the boy and his mother fell in love with Whoot. I am told they drove up in a pick up truck and insted of putting Whoot in the bed, the boy let Whoot sit on his lap for the ride home. This to me is a good sign. I hope the new situation works out.

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Lozano Family said...

I really hope that Whoot has a good family. What a tough thing to do. I am sorry. I tried to get the 'Head of the Household' around here to go for it, but he was firm in his decision that we can not handle another dog right now. I understand the reasoning, but my pooch loving heart was bleeding.