Friday, September 10, 2010

hi ya

Wud up yo's. Yo-yos. Yo, yo-yo!
  • Just got back from my appointment for thing 2. No ultrasound this time. Everything is fine. Just found out how much we have to pay out of pocket for this kid to make it safely into the world. Almost three times as much as Wyatt cost us. Must be a girl child...already spending all our money.
  • Been trying to plan Wyatt's Big Top Birthday Bash. Only have about two and a half weeks left and so far I have made the invites and bought a "pin the nose on the clown" game. Never planned a birthday party before. I am usually just the hired (unpaid) help.
  • Going to take Wyatt to his first theme park tomorrow. Long live Knott's berry farm. yummmm boysenberry slurpee. Plan on spending the day in camp snoopy. I don't know how many rides are Wyatt friendly, but you can bet your bottom doller that tomorrow there will be FUN.
  • been waitin' for Caleb to take me to the fair. I love love love the fair, and can you believe that I never went before caleb and I got together. I don't know why, but it seems like people I hung around just didn't go to the fair. Must have had some lame friends back in the day.

Alright. I will try to remember to post some pics of Knott's berry farm fun later.

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Kathy McElhaney said...

It was great seeing you on Saturday. Your little guy is so cute!