Saturday, October 16, 2010

I type Loudly

It is hard not to realize how loud you type when you are sitting next to a sleeping child.
So, Caleb finally took my Mom to the dump. Guess he had enough of her lol! The infamous "spa and wood" is gone also. Im going to miss that joke, although because Caleb did not get rid of it during free dump day (because he listened to my Mother), the spa and wood has cost him even more money.
Less than a week until we find out what we are having. So excited, yet nervous. If it is a girl we are def in the poor house. FOREVER. If it is a girl she has no name. Caleb and I just can not think of any names we like. I think we are really just avoiding the whole thing because we are afraid. As for the boy, he will officially have Zane as his middle name. We are still trying to decide on a first name. It is sad that when he (if it is a he) is older I will have to tell him that his name started off as a joke, but his Dad ended up really liking it and then his Mom gave in. Poor kid.
Speaking of kid! This morning, my lovely child found a cup that someone had left in the living room last night. The cup must have had reg. soda in it because it was full of ants. How do I know this? because Wyatt was carrying the cup around when he decided to rub the cup on his dear mother, who was resting her head on the daddy. The Daddy yelled, "ahhh!" and threw the cup. The dear Mother yelled, "ahh get them off!" and began swiping frantically at little creatures she really could not see. The Wyatt just stood there while little black ants crawled all over his torso. Totally freaky. Eventually The Daddy came to the rescue and cleaned off all the ants.

P.S. I LOVE commas. When I was in school my writing workshop guy called them sprinkles. He said they are not bad, but it is obvious I love sprinkles. Just a little trivia for you.

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