Monday, October 4, 2010


and I don't mean the family kind. (did that for my own amusement)
I just realized the outfit Wyatt is wearing in the photo above doesn't fit him anymore. How sad is that. My little guy just won't stay little. He is so naughty.
Wyatt is in a weird stage of life right now. He wants to be independent, but he also wants me available. Hope he doesn't take that attitude into marriage...."honey I'm going to play basketball till who knows when. Go do something with the girls, but keep your phone on in case I need you."
Really, he walks away from us, he runs away from me if he knows I am going to "correct" him, or take away something he should not have. But if I walk away from him he cries and wants to be held. CRAZYNESS.
In other life, I should be finding out what I am cooking in my industrial sized oven pretty soon. Man, I am so starving myself after this baby is out. I don't know how I am going to make it through the holidays without turning into a 500 pound person. I am worried. Caleb might be too, lol he just wont admit to it.
In other other life, we got through Wyatt's party. Now I just have to organize a random fundraiser for the InGroup (yes, InGroup I still think of you, I just cant do anything for you right now) Christmas Party. I am hoping to raise enough money so that we wont have to potluck our party this year. I would like to treat our group to a nice, classy (but fun) party. After all they are the best around.
I am also trying to get together a baby shower for an awesome lady in our church. This party is going to force me to learn to work well with others. Usually I like to just get things done. I call on the same people because I know they will hold up their end of the bargain, but this time, I am going to need a lot more help. So I am going to have to trust others to do the right thing and help out. kinda scary but I am almost 30 (by almost I mean in two years) so I think it is high time I started letting others into my circle of awesomeness. Not too many others though, maybe just one or two.

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